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Non-owner SR-22 Insurance

What is Non-Owner SR22 Auto Insurance? Is it different between states, such Arizona and Indiana?

To reinstate your driver’s license, after it has been suspended, you may be required to purchase an SR-22 (Read more about an SR-22 here). If you do not own a car, you will still need to purchase this form, although it will then be a non-owner SR22 form, also referred to as an operator or named-operator policy. The policy is protection for the policy holder, not a specific vehicle. This is a requirement after license suspension in many states, including Arizona and Indiana.

If you are driving a friend’s car, or any car that isn’t your own, and that car is uninsured, the driver will be held responsible for driving without insurance. If you get a ticket which requires you to purchase an SR-22 policy, but do not, your license may be suspended or additional fines may incur. Access Auto Insurance specializes in filing a Non-Owners SR-22 fast and affordably.

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What is Included in a Non-Owner SR22?

Non-owner SR22 includes basic liability insurance, but does not include collision coverage. This would cover bodily injury liability and property damage liability. (Read more about liability coverage here) This is the state minimum coverage and only covers other individuals and their vehicles. You are not covered, but you are protected from getting a ticket or license suspension you would receive if you were driving without this insurance coverage.

How to Get SR-22 Non-Owner Insurance Coverage?

Access Auto Insurance is authorized to provide Arizona and Indiana drivers with SR-22 and Non-owner SR-22 coverage. You can either Get a quote today online or if you would like to speak to one of our certified agents, give us a call to get set up with that policy at 888-449-0171. It only takes a few minutes to set up your policy and make sure you are covered.

Once you have your policy, it is important to make all your payments on time. If your policy lapses, your license may be suspended again, and incur more fees to reinstate your license from court.

These descriptions are meant to assist you in determining your auto insurance needs. These are not complete descriptions and do not constitute an insurance contract or coverage for specific losses. For a complete description, please consult your policy contract or contact your insurance agent.